Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Quality is exactly what this artist consistently produces. DEBEA$$I is an upcoming talent out of the South ready to showcase his music to the world. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Flawless has been working hard to accomplish his goals and is ready to show and prove.  We will soon be graced with a new, refreshing raw talent that’s sure to capture the attention of many.


Born Antoine Hawkins, DEBEA$$I was raised with his mother and father in the Highland Park neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia during the “crack era”. He also grew up with his sister, grandmother, uncles and cousins while his parents often worked two jobs to support them. While growing up, DEBEA$$I took a liking to hip hop. It became an outlet for him, and as he got older, a relation. “I remember trying to get my mom to buy Snoop or NWA CDs, but she would always voluntarily buy 2Pac.” – DEBEA$$I 


By the time he was in high school, DEBEA$$I, who had already fallen in love with rap music, was now falling in love with another form of art – poetry. His close friend, who later died at a young age, used to freestyle, and while he was doing that, DEBEA$$I would be writing. That was a pivotal moment for DEBEA$$I, as he was headed in the next phase of his life. 


After attending college at Norfolk State University and studying business entrepreneurship, he became more interested in getting his own career going. Early on recording compilation mixtapes under the name RevBulll, he has  over 16 mixtape releases. 

Fast forward  2015 he decided to change his name to DEBEA$$I. By 2019, he has released several singles, and garnered attention from fans, music websites, and DJs. Currently, he’s still consistently releasing new music and is preparing for the release of his album, “Jordan & Pippen”. His versatile southern style, matched with smooth flows and colorful melodies definitely make him a standout.